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“It will be easier to just do it myself.”
“No one can do it better than I can”
“They won’t do it right”
“ I can’t afford to hire someone”.

These are the common objections I hear when someone doesn’t want to hire a virtual assistant. Heck, I have even thought of these reasons myself.

The most impactful action when starting my first e-commerce business was hiring my first virtual assistant.  Enter Cristina.  Before Cristina, I was handling all my customer support, staying up late to speak to Chinese suppliers, and a ton of tedious tasks that were sucking the time out of my days. I didn’t even realize how unproductive I was being because it felt "productive".

I was busy, but I wasn’t effective. I was amazed I could pay someone $6/hr (a good wage in the Philippines) to do the things I didn’t want to be doing.

Even though I had only a couple customer service messages a day, checking these messages every day took up the mental space, Outsourcing customer support to Cristina freed up this mental space. Cristina would send me a summary of weekly trends in customer issues and I was left out of the day-to-day support issues. I created a qualification document for products with overseas suppliers that Cristina used to vet suppliers for me. This helped me get my sleep schedule back on track. I could be out to dinner and know while I was not working, Cristina was doing work for me. It felt like a superpower, I could be productive without being the one doing the work. This was a novel idea for a first time business owner. In school you learn this is cheating , in business this was smart.  

When you find someone great to work with, who you can rely on, and who you can delegate to, it changes the course of how much you can accomplish. All I had to do was give up some control and trust. I think every business owner and employee should have a virtual assistant. Everyone can benefit from removing tedious tasks and learning to delegate and create systems.

Delegation gets easier with practice. The more you do it, the more you think, 'What else can you delegate in my life?' It frees you up to work on things you really want to work on. By giving up control, you gain control over your time.

“You can go faster alone, but further together.”  I truly believe that.

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